Celonis, as one of the market leading process mining providers, has announced last week at their user conference Celosphere in Munich a new tool ProcessSphere for object centric process mining. The presented example was showing a “subway map” based on the process flows of the business entities managed by the transactional system, e.g. ERP. So the different order types and levels, invoices, deliveries etc. in one impressive visualization. For sure a major step forward. I can’t wait to put my hands on it 😉

The promise given is to add different perspectives to process mining. Are these examples really different perspectives or “just” a breakdown (or an hierarchy) of the processed business entities? Looking at my focus field of warehousing processes I would see the real different perspectives as the process itself with the hierarchy of business entities, then the actors’ perspective (warehouse associates and automation) and last but not least the handled goods. In short there are 3P perspectives (or dimensions): process, people (for actors) and products (for the goods) as shown in the sketch above. I’m curious to see, if ProcessSphere will be able to handle those and which insights can be materialized in value.