Migration Toolkit

Replacing an existing IT system is often more than just a quick change, but rather a complex project. If a Warehouse Management System (WMS) has become outdated and needs to be replaced, the project team faces significant challenges. Knowledge about current processes is not structured, and operational metrics are very specific to the existing processes. The dialogue between project stakeholders can be difficult.

The flumiq approach reduces effort and risk

flumiq is developing tools for WMS migration that promote a common perspective among specialists. Prior to migration , flumiq tools support an inventory of the current processes, the representation of material flows , and the validation of master data . Based on this analysis, requirements for the new system can be defined, and data collected can form the basis for later comparison with the newly introduced system.

Since the flumiq tools are system-independent, they allow for comparing the results of the existing and the new systems during migration. Testing coverage can be monitored, and the groundwork for documenting the new system can also be created.

In the stabilization and operation phase, processes are monitored , and conformity is checked. Ultimately, comparisons with processes before migration are also possible. The flumiq tools support every phase of the migration project, resulting in a more structured and less risky WMS migration process overall, though not as fast as on the playing field.

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