Data driven

Process descriptions are necessary, but creating them is anything but popular . Especially for the details, the most experienced employees are required. The ongoing updating is often even more neglected than the initial creation.

The flumiq approach values the experienced team members

The flumiq approach is refreshingly different here. In daily operations, a vast amount of data is generated about process execution in the warehouse management system. The flumiq tools capture this data and create a fact-based process model . Then, the experience of the operations staff comes into play. They review and supplement the model. This task is not perceived as tedious because the system answers the seemingly trivial question of “what?” so that people can focus on the deeper “why?” This results in a “Data Driven Documentation” (shortened to 3D).

flumiq bpmn process documentation

The best way to keep the documentation created in this way up to date is to use it in daily operations. When the process description is linked to real-time metrics , it is referred to as “Augmented Documentation” (shortened to AD, > learn more). Displaying operational metrics in the process flow allows for an intuitive overview of ongoing operations.

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